Inspiration for home theater – these are the current Streaming tips Now on the Internet: Two family dramas and a film stock of the Corona-crisis in Switzerland.Gregor Schenker0 KommentareEin family reunion in Argentina runs out of the rudder: a scene from “Los sonambulos”.Image: zvgLos sonambulos

By Paula Hernández, Argentina 2019; 107 min.

a father, a mother and daughter driving to loud music in the country, it is the best weather. The promises already nothing Good, finally, “Funny Games” by Michael Haneke starts. The Argentina Paula Hernández (“Lluvia”) is not aimed at a study of violence, but she knows the finer brutalities, come to the big family gathering on the country-to the fore. The theme of parental responsibility, puberty, relationship crises – are sometimes even declined, but the actors are so precise in this already very precise Drama of an escalation. (blu)

On film, Ingo. 8 Swiss francs

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came As the Lockdown, wrote three of the producers from the French-speaking, German-speaking Switzerland and the Canton of Ticino is a competition: you searched for short film ideas to the current Situation. From the submissions, 33 proposals were selected and by using the Swiss television was realized. So what is to come, for example, such as “nobody knows”: As seniors sneak by Zurich – disguised as garbage bags, organic container or carton pile. Funny this is. Poetically, however, is “Oasis”, where the horrors faced on the news channels, the Goings-on in a city garden, where beetles, spiders or caterpillars to pursue unchanged their everyday lives. (ggs)

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By Esen Isik, CH 2019; 98 min.

A Turkish family living in Zurich. As the father (Kida Khodr Ramadan) stimulates the entgleite son to deal more with Islam, he loses him: The Boy travels to the Middle East. The search for the missing child leads the father in the Turkish-Syrian border area, where he is confronted with the consequences of the actions of his son: He learns a refugee child know. Esen Isik has set itself very extensively with the issue of the young terrorists apart and told from different perspectives. This is enriching, but in its Fullness is also a bit confusing. (msw)

Outside the Box. 10 Swiss francs.

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