Decay and decadence coexist on the planet Made by Lana Del Rey at”Chemtrails On The Country Club.”

Decay and decadence coexist on the planet Made by Lana Del Rey at”Chemtrails On The Country Club.”

As opposed to deconstructing the American fantasy, Del Rey changes her gaze . But at the silent, she disassembles another pain, one sensed from the unforgiving shine of the limelight.

Whispering opener”White Dress” instantly sets”Chemtrails On The Country Club” besides”Norman (Expletive) Rockwell,” her breathiness nearly jarring.

You will find echoes of Swift’s creation on Del Rey’s new album with tunes such as the gentle”Yosemite” leaning at the folk management.

Del Rey has perfected the craft of producing capsules. Each album emanates its aesthetic with tunes cross-referencing one another inside the record. Del Rey provides cohesion to records in a means which is unmatched by most other artists.

In”Dance Until We Die,” she moans of Joni Mitchell covers prior to starting into her cover Mitchell’s”To Get Free.” “Yosemite,” also, seems to call to her final cover. “We did it for pleasure / We did it at no cost,” she croons. “We did it for the proper reasons.”

Paralleling the juxtaposition from the name, Del Rey’s seventh record investigates the yin and yang of fame, fortune and imagination. On the outside are glittering pictures: stones at a country club pool and bars that stay open”only for us” Ringing beneath is a depression emptiness evidenced by isolation and want.

Album-standout”Dark But Only A Game” encapsulates those feelings. Del Rey paints an image of somebody who sees those people who have dropped before her. “The top ones lost their heads ”

Other tunes create exactly the exact same illustration.

“Chemtrails On The Country Club” includes all Del Rey’s principles — angelic layered vocals, bridges which bring another dimension to paths and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Del Rey might not have attained the devotion of”Norman (Expletive) Rockwell,” but at”Chemtrails On The Country Club,” she has provided something different: vulnerability.