The month of June is not synonymous with rest for gardening enthusiasts, quite the contrary. The transition from spring to summer requires many adjustments to the garden. On the program: sowing, pruning, staking, harvesting but also protection of its plantations.

Indeed, if the first fruits of your orchard begin to ripen, they arouse curiosity and the envy of many pests.

The best way to protect your future crops from birds is to install safety nets on your fruit trees.

For the rest of the garden, you can count on some natural tips based on what you have in your vegetable garden. Here are some examples of plants that can act as a repellent:

It’s not just the gardener who hunts insects. They also eat each other.

Sometimes you also have to know how to let nature take its course. Just because you can’t use these natural repellents doesn’t mean you should invest in chemical and potentially environmentally harmful insect repellents.

The best way to get rid of pests is to strain the food chain a little bit. By attracting the right species to your garden, you will no longer be bothered by certain pests.

Here are the ones that will make your life easier, as My Garden reports

These species will therefore offer you a double advantage: they will protect your garden while respecting the environment.