The photos of dozens and dozens of Flemish youth movements and sports clubs, are the target of the pedoseksuelen. Some of the photos may be an excessive amount of looking at, and with raunchy comments. It turns out that that can read a news report on the TELEVISION reportagemagazine the Pano.

Dozens of the Flemish youth organisations, sports clubs and schools, and to make use of web sites such as Flickr for photos and to share them with the members of the children’s parents. These photos are usually publicly posted. However, the associations are usually not aware that their innocent pictures, mass can be viewed by pedoseksuelen. Time is of the order of the photos is a piece of underwear of a child and to see, whether to have children in the badkledij. Among those pictures were too raunchy, pedoseksuele comments written on it.

Pano, this indicates that there also appears to be a Russian website that is well-known as a meeting place for file sharers from the misbruikbeelden of the children. “It is a fotodatabank is becoming more and more of a gathering place,” says Yves Goethals, the head of the cell, abuse of children by the state police. “Here, they learn to know each other, and then they have their practices and continue on the channel, the more they become invisible to us.”

finally, We need to make ourselves more aware of the fact that we are all in danger, it responds by Heidi De Pauw, CEO of Child Focus. “We need to strike a balance between caution and preutsheid. However, we can also make sure that the people who have any sexual meaning in those pictures, they won’t be able to watch it. The Privacy settings are there for you to use.
More about the Pedophilia “so Brave, that the festival of the neck and extends to the topic of” Europol, to search for criminals by using objects or places that appear in movies or pictures with child pornography, a British man was sentenced to 18 years in prison because of a false pedofiliebeschuldigingen a Man was arrested for taking photos of children in Couvin