Inmates are not allowed to shower in their cell, to leave, even though the need of a parliament


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now, half A year after the parliament has decided that the surveillance at the strike for a minimum occupancy guarantee, then it is in the Antwerp prison, yet you don’t notice it. The strike is already the twelfth day, in which the prisoners were able to shower in their cell, and leave. The unions are standing in the way of doing this, ” says a warden.

due to the lack of staff, started with the Antwerp-based surveillance, on the 26th of september there is a strike. The lack of co-responsible, according to them, an unsafe condition in the prison. Also, in the city of Turnhout and Leuven, it was out of solidarity, just as the work is laid out.

Due to the strike of the prisoners in the last twelve days is a long time in their cell and do not leave food or receive visitors. To protest the discontinuation of some of the prisoners last week in their cell on fire.

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However, the european parliament in march, is a law that strikes at least a minimum number of warders to work to continue to be so for the prison to continue to function. Each prison should, together with the trade unions on a plan to be drawn up. That would determine how many staff members they had, and what jobs there are for sure needed to be done.

the trade Unions are standing in the way.

“But during the course of this overlegcomités, the trade-union organizations, no matter in what prison, to show up,” writes Serge, Rooman, warden, in Merksplas, in a letter to as a result of the strike.

The trade unions would be demanding though, in the hope that it will be the minimumbezetting yet to stop. “As a national order has been made, the local representatives have to say. In short, it is a national trade union strategy in order to not have to discuss it,” he writes Rooman.

The manager is concerned about the living conditions in the prison. In the last strike were the children for days on end in the cell from their mother and one was the hygiene is deplorable. “The minimum service should not be a stick behind the door, in a social process of negotiations.”

“We do not have them”.

The trade unions are sticking does not mean that they minimumdienst don’t want to. “As a minimum level of services, which is a real shame,” says Eddy De Smedt (VSOA). “It is a violation of the right to strike. It is quite a different meaning than, for example, in the SOUTH. Therefore, we have, with three of the unions agreed that we don’t engage in it.”

it’s also on the national level, the negotiating attorney general john Koen Geens (CD&V), and with the trade unions on the implementation of it. “The minimum of service, it is voted, and has come into force,” says the cabinet. In August, a Royal Decree is issued, and a second one will follow soon. There has been talk of penalties for those who have the law don’t follow them.

the Chaplain of the cell.

Antwerp is touching the warders and the management committee do not agree on the measures that are in acute shortage of personnel may be taken. “We don’t understand why the unions, the proposals do not want to try it,” says Kathleen Of the Pond, The spokeswoman for the prison system.

There was a case for lack of staff, only one feeding project to do, if the goods are distributed, it would be the sandwich with the toppings for this evening was to be given. And instead of having one big worship service in the group, the chaplain of detainees in the cell area.

The unions want more staff hired, but the competition in today’s job market is very tough, ” says Pond. “Many of the other professions in the camps and also with the difficulties.”

the letter from The warden He Rooman:

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