The Head of State – like many of his competitors at the time – was committed to it. The succession, Emmanuel Macron has indeed promised, must change: it must be simpler, but also lighter in tax terms. “Inheritance rights will be modified to take into account the evolution of real estate prices in direct line, from 100,000 to 150,000 euros the reduction”, he said before the first round of the presidential election, which was held in April 2022. But the projects of the President of the Republic are obviously not limited to a single parametric reform. He intends to touch on more than just details.

As Capital explains on its site, the executive is counting on several successive modifications to the bequest process. With an assumed objective: to facilitate the situation in which certain specific heirs find themselves. Nephews and nieces are therefore concerned, but also grandchildren or children of spouses (following a new union, of course). Summary of what you need to know before the entry into force of a possible reform.

It is perhaps for the children of spouses that Emmanuel Macron foresees the most important transformation. Currently, the latter do not benefit from the slightest reduction in the event of a gift granted between non-biological parents (i.e. from the partner of the parent to the child). Therefore, our colleagues continue, any gratuity intended for a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law is taxed from the first euro, at the maximum rate.

This is precisely what the president intends to change. He wants to set up a reduction of 100,000 euros on such transmissions… provided of course that there is a union between the two parents. Pacsés and cohabitants would therefore not be concerned, a priori.

That being said, it must be understood that favoring the child of one’s spouse is possible in the current system. However, this requires the adoption of the latter… which can in fact constitute a complex procedure. This is also a point that the president intends to touch on. “We can expect the number of adoption requests to drop once this reduction of 100,000 euros comes into force”, explains notary Aurélie Chaplain for the monthly specialized in economics.

Last important point: the reform should theoretically not make it possible to inherit a child of a spouse to the detriment of the biological or forced heirs.

As it stands, nephews and nieces are taxed quite heavily when they inherit from their uncle or aunt. They are entitled to an allowance of 7,967 in the event of a bequest or donation and must then pay 55% tax on the amount collected.

This time, it is above all the tax burden that Emmanuel Macron intends to lighten. It plans to increase the allowance in question to 100,000 euros per donor and per beneficiary. Such a threshold could also apply to donations to a brother or sister, notes Capital on its site.

The grandchildren are also part of the heirs that Emmanuel Macron intends to support. The Head of State has made it known how much he intends to encourage donations over three generations, specifies the magazine Capital.

In the current state of things, donations and inheritances to grandchildren are not protected by a very high allowance: the threshold is set at 31,865 euros, but can vary from 5 to 45% depending on the amount. precise who is bequeathed.

Once again, the President of the Republic wishes to lighten the tax burden which weighs on these very specific heirs. Following the model applied so far, he intends to triple the threshold and bring it down to 100,000 euros per grandparent and per grandchild. Enough to allow significant savings…