A mobile Hub for the digital lives of XC 40, and a Service platform that makes it easier. All these are not phrases only Marketing, and, of course, this Volvo drives well. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the compact SUV is probably the first vehicle, via a Smartphone App to friends and family members. This will get a Keyless access to the vehicle with the On-Call Software. The owner of the Volvo is first of all in the App, the chassis number, and detects the potential car-sharing friends. Subsequently, this can bring, again via the App, a request to car share on the way. The vehicle owner agrees on his / her Smartphone or rejects. Now, the friend or family members gets a Push notification, together with the position of the vehicle on his cell phone, and can unlock the vehicle in a two-step process and start. At the end of the use of the car is locked via a Smartphone and “returned” for the next loan, the process must be initiated again.

Michael Spehr

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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The Carsharing is in XC 40 on Board as standard. With the help of the App about the remaining fuel and the attainable range, the Status of doors and locks, as well as the settings of an optionally present auxiliary heating can be on the Smartphone even more information to retrieve. Then you can have the routes of the past 40 days on a map.

Beyond the App control features of the XC-40 is a Monitor in tablet size with a diagonal of 9 inches. The display dissolves with 768 × 1024 pixels and as well as the fully digital dashboard display behind the steering Wheel of the standard equipment. The screen is divided in standard view, horizontal, Navigation, media and phone, follow below, and the air conditioning sets below. In case of contact, each tile is enlarged, the others reduced, but are still visible.

For everything else, the system, such as an oversized Smartphone. There is a Home button below the display, and between the three output screens you can switch with a swipe of the finger. At the top of the screen you find the status information. Stroking from the top to the bottom, in the settings of the system. The principle is seen through, everything is almost intuitive. The only way in some sub-menus are very long.

The cockpit display even measures 12.3 inches and contains two circular instruments, as well as an interposed information field. Various display modes are configurable, and enabled navigation system, the Central map is shown view larger.

Beyond the plant equipment, with the two large Displays, Bluetooth-Handsfree, Volvo On Call with Hotspot and voice control, the manufacturer offers additional tools such as Smartphone Integration with Apple Carplay and Android Auto at extra cost, in this case, 360 euros. The inductive charging station for your smart phone will cost 220 euros, and the most expensive accessory items is the Sensus navigation system for 1170 euros.