The Chinese scientists, who had announced in November the world’s first birth of genetically engineered babies, was, according to the Chinese government alone, and it is illegal. He Jiankui had failed with his research work is against the law and is trying to gain personal glory and benefits, reported the official Xinhua news Agency on Monday, citing a report by local authorities.

He collected, therefore, alone the financial resources for his experiments, and appropriate supervision by his University in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is avoided. His announcement had triggered at the end of last year, global outrage.

The scientist had announced on Youtube that he had tampered with the Genschere Crispr/Cas9 embryos, to make them against the AIDS virus HIV is resistant to. The twins Nana and Lulu are supposed to be healthy come the world. Sharp criticism came also from the Chinese leadership. A reviewed scientific publication to the procedure, there is not.