Inflation: the savings books that make you lose the most purchasing power


Does saving make you money? In the inflationary context that we have been experiencing for several months, nothing is less certain. Due to the war in Ukraine and soaring commodity prices, the consumer price index exploded. It reached 4.8% in April, according to INSEE. This is its highest level since November 1985. The situation should also get worse. Indeed, according to estimates by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, inflation could reach 5.4% over one year by next June. Very bad news for the purchasing power of the French, which continues to collapse.

SCPI, shares… If, as we indicated in a previous article, investments are to be favored to protect yourself from inflation, others, like various traditional savings products, make you lose money.

The rate of return on some investments is so low that it remains well below the level of inflation, eating away at your capital. Due to a negative return, it therefore does not protect your purchasing power. It is therefore important to observe the actual performance of your savings products, before investing your savings in them.

So what are the savings books that make you lose money? Discover our non-exhaustive list in the slideshow below.