Fewer things in your cart, but still a hefty bill. Shopping is increasingly complicated for many households who were already struggling to make ends meet. The prices of many food products have been rising lately, but some more than others, up to almost 20%! An increase that would not always be justified, according to Michel-Edouard Leclerc. Questioned by Brut, the boss of the supermarket chain nevertheless explains that “part of the rise in food prices and in particular meat comes from a French law to better remunerate farmers” and therefore has his explanation.

What about other products? The conflict in Ukraine has often been pointed out to justify a price increase but, for the boss of the E.Leclerc group, this is not always justified: “If you go, for example, to the Twitter site of Lesieur, it is claimed that the seeds are French. So there is no effect of the war, at least when the prices rise, on the price of sunflower oil or on the shortage of sunflowers”. According to him, there can also be shortages which “sometimes (…) are caused by negotiations between suppliers who no longer want to deliver because it is not expensive enough (…) Me, I don’t wouldn’t use the word scarcity”.

Regardless of the reasons given, the consequences on your wallet are the same. According to the latest figures from Iri (an institute specializing in the analysis of data on consumer products), unveiled by Le Figaro, the prices of consumer products increased by 7.9% in August, compared to l ‘last year. Quoted by the daily, the Business Insight Director of Iri explains: “Overall, this inflation is also linked to events that occurred in 2021, in particular the coronavirus pandemic which led to an increase in the cost of transport and packaging”. According to her, “there is always a latency period between increases in the prices of raw materials and their repercussion in the points of sale”.

If the increase is contained for certain foods, it explodes for others, going up to nearly 20% for everyday products. Discover, in the slideshow below, all the products that you pay really more expensive in this month of September.