Should we expect a general increase in wages? Soaring consumer prices, which are greedily eating into the woolen stockings of French women and men, could push some to (try to) negotiate an increase. But does it make sense right now? It is clear, in any case, that companies are multiplying gestures to the attention of workers. According to Le Figaro, many of them are considering salary increases, but also bonuses or the establishment of meal vouchers, for example.

With the rise in inflation being estimated at 5.2% from May 2021 to May 2022, it is not surprising to see requests multiply. Alas, says L’Usine Nouvelle on its site, this may not be a great idea. For the time being, at least… The argument, explains the weekly, cannot suffice. branch negotiations”, estimates Laurent Blanchard, director of the recruitment firm Michael Page France, in front of the microphones of our colleagues.

According to the expert, it is therefore not inflation that should be put forward when discussing with your employer. A little empathy towards him also makes it possible to understand them, support Nadia de Ala, negotiation coach interviewed by the Huffington Post. “Inflation cannot be the only reason for your request, because the cost of your employer’s activity is also increasing,” she says. How should you go about it in this case?

If it is not inflation that must be invoked to justify its potential increase, it is therefore necessary to go about it differently. According to L’Usine Nouvelle, there is only one solution that can really be considered: performance at work. “Although inflation is part of the discussion, your successes must be the cornerstone of your negotiation”, can we read in the columns of the American edition of Business Insider magazine.

However, this does not mean that we should definitely forget the argument of inflation. At other times, if the deterioration of the economic situation continues, it could become relevant.

The economic situation is not complex for employees alone: ​​in many respects, it is also complex for their employers. However, this does not mean that they are not ready for a certain number of efforts…

And for good reason ! Many companies are facing waves of resignations and must therefore “commit to financial boosts to keep their employees”, notes Le Figaro.

“With the decrease in unemployment, the balance of power has reversed. Before, someone who was not well in their job stayed for fear of not finding another job; today, this is no longer the case”, estimates Samuel Tual, director of the Actual network, which manages 430 employment agencies.