Milk and cereals for the children, rusks, butter and coffee for the grown-ups… Breakfast would be “the most important meal of the day”, because it would provide the energy needed to have a good morning, according to Futura-sciences.

An Ipsos study thus indicates that for adults, the “traditional” breakfast consists of a spread of bread or a rusk accompanied by a hot drink such as coffee, tea or chicory. The latter still accounts for 34% of the meals taken in the morning by the French. It is particularly popular among those over 45.

However, this is very expensive for the wallet. Particularly at the moment: inflation has inflated the prices of the foods that the French eat in the morning to wake up and be in good shape until noon. This economic phenomenon would have reached 5.9% in one year for food items, according to INSEE.

What are the causes ? There is the cost of production and transportation, with gasoline being more expensive… But above all, it is the raw material that is becoming scarcer. Thus, poor harvests and drought have made the amount of certain foodstuffs particularly high, indicates BFMTV.

To find out what costs the most in your breakfast, you can consult the slideshow below produced by Planet. It lists the ingredients according to an INSEE study. In addition, other foods could eventually, for the same reason, be in short supply this winter, such as potatoes or milk…