Inflation at the supermarket: the departments that offer the most promotions


“Anti-inflation shields” and other “tight prices” are flourishing, in an attempt to attract consumers. Leclerc, Carrefour, Casino, Intermarché… All the large retailers now offer operations or special offers, in order to support the purchasing power of the French. Because with 5.2% inflation in May according to INSEE, the French are forced to review their budget. The prices of pasta, flour or minced meat, for example, have jumped by more than 10% over twelve months. Hobbies, clothing, food, they are forced to make choices.

To avoid seeing their customers desert their supermarkets, the brands compete in imagination: “There is a lot of creativity on the part of the distributors to come and play on the overall price of the basket. As everything increases, the consumer tends to look the total”, observes Daniel Ducrocq, general manager of A3Distrib (Nielsen group), in the columns of Parisian.

Before quoting the departments where the promotional offers are the most numerous, let’s take stock of the distributors (who have increased the number of special operations the most. Only those who have carried out at least 3,000 operations are counted. Here they are in detail:

In addition to the purchase vouchers – distributed to customers from a shopping threshold – to be used on a next checkout, food promotions are going well. Since last January, the number of products at barred prices has jumped 6.3% over one year, all departments combined*. Which ones have the most discounts? Check them out in our slideshow below.

*Change in the number of products on promotion in the paper and digital flyers of large retailers from January 1 to mid-May 2022, compared to the same period last year.