The French and the French are pessimistic. 66% of them are convinced, in the current state of affairs, that their purchasing power will automatically decrease over the next 12 months. They are also 53% to consider that the quality of their life has deteriorated… and this is precisely why 59% of them had to revise their daily expenses downwards. Unsurprisingly, informs BFMTV on the basis of the latest Barometer of purchasing power carried out by Cofidis and CSA Research, it is non-essential expenses that jump first.

All in all, continue the teams behind this study, French households estimate at 510 euros per month the amount they lack, on average, to live decently. This money, it seems, would not be used for entertainment, if it were available to everyone. “If they had this sum, the French would not afford “pleasure” purchases, but would use it above all for essential expenses such as food (53%) or even energy (29 %)”, is it thus written in the study, carried out among 1007 individuals representative of the national population.

The rise in prices, which French men and women observe on a daily basis, is not without a drastic impact on the financial balance of their household. Thus, it is clear that the overdrafts, without necessarily being more numerous than they could be in the past, are all the same more significant. In 2021, they were estimated at 316 euros per month on average. Now, they rise to 368 euros.

Fortunately, certain tricks make it possible to recover all or part of the 510 euros which the French and the French consider missing. As long as you don’t settle for just one! Find the list in our slideshow below.