According to a survey carried out for Patrimonia, one in two French people now believe that a new economic and financial crisis cannot be avoided. Households fear for their salaries, their pensions and their savings.

Since the beginning of the year, war has raged in Europe, inflation has raged and climate and health disruptions have continued. Difficult, therefore, to be optimistic at this time.

Last week, the European Central Bank also revised its forecasts upwards, and announced inflation at 6.8% for the year 2022.

In France, consumer prices have already increased by 5.2% in one year, according to an INSEE report published in early June.

Fuel prices, food shopping, electricity, housing… Galloping inflation affects all sectors, and its cost is estimated at an additional 90 euros per household each month, according to the Observatory of the magazine 60 million consumers.

Will the infernal rise calm down one day? “We can assume inflation that rises to 8 or 10% over the year in France”, estimates Marc Touati, economist, at 20 Minutes.

Faced with these worrying forecasts, the public authorities have implemented a series of “purchasing power” measures: energy checks, a 15-cent discount on petrol, revaluation of aid and retirement pensions… But will they be enough to maintain the standard of living of the French? Nothing is less sure.

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