Infinity Flex Display, Samsung is a Smartphone with a foldable Display in front of The South Korean Corporation has unveiled the prototype of a smartphone, which is due to Expand to the Tablet. There are also other manufacturers working on similar models. © Photo: Stephen Lam/Reuters

Samsung has unveiled a new Smartphone that can be achieved by a folding screen into a Tablet convert. At a developer conference in the South Korean group in the San Francisco Manager Justin Denison presented a prototype. The so-called Infinity Flex Display could be in the coming months in a series produced, said Denison. When a pop-up should come-resistant Smartphone on the market, said Samsung Manager.

“If it is open, it is a Tablet and a big-screen experience,” said Denison. “Closed, it is a phone and fits in the bag.” The screen was “the basis for the Smartphones of tomorrow,” said Denison. “We lived in a world in which the screen is only as big as the device itself could be. Now we have entered a new Dimension.”

The expanded screen should have a diagonal of 7.3 inches (18.5 cm). Details were at the presentation, however hardly to recognize. The light on the stage was rotated so far that you could almost only see the lighted Displays.

system with operating Software for the device, Google can also work as a provider of the Smartphone, it said. Samsung’s own operating system Titian has never managed the breakthrough, therefore, the group relies on Android. Thus, Samsung has to rely on external developers to provide customized applications and Apps for the foldable Display ready. Samsung wants to provide, therefore, a faltbild screen simulator available for Testing. Samsung’s mobile chief D. J. Koh promised external developers also have full access to the digital assistants Bixby. The German Version of the voice control is supposed to come out in a few months.

Koh said that Samsung sold 500 million devices every year, from the rice cooker about smart speakers to the Smartphone or TV. By 2020, all current devices are to be networked, more and more are to be equipped with Bixby. According to Samsung market researchers, it’s 2021 and more great Smartphones than ordinary models. With the Faltphone Samsung hopes to have a compromise between the two markets is found.

Samsung had for the first time, informed five years ago, to sit on plans for a foldable Display. There are also other manufacturers working on similar models. Royole, a small group from the Silicon Valley, had presented in the past week, a mobile phone with a foldable screen. In the coming month the sale of the FlexiPai in China to start. Royole has set the price for its devices to more than 1,000 dollars (more than 870 euros). Smartphones with foldable screens are expected, among other things, from the Chinese manufacturers Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo. The South Korean company LG has recently shown a prototype of a TV display that can roll up.