The Countdown is on. Just under two weeks, the United States want to stretch the Treaty on the elimination of nuclear systems (INF) with Russia, and terminate. The date is the 2. February. Both sides accuse for a long time, to violate the Treaty. But now, it seems, movement in the INF-Poker.

Lorenz Hemicker

editor in the policy

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On Wednesday, the Russian defense had invited the Ministry to Kubinka. Around 250 journalists and an unknown number of foreign military attachés took part in the presentation in the “Patriot Park Congress and Exhibition Center”,to the southwest of Moscow. The aim of the event was clear: The Vorwurfzu invalidate, notes on the state of the missile system of the type 9M729zu obfuscate, and to hurt him the INF Treaty.

in fact, foreign journalists on the basis of the Russian Ministry of defence provided online documentation of the event and Reports of on-the-spot to recognize that the armed forces of the country did a lot to impress your guests and the world public. So it was the commander-in-chief of the Russian missile forces, Lieutenant-General Mikhail Matwejewski, himself, took over the Briefing of the guests and affirmed that the land-based cruise missiles of the type 9M729 could max fly 480 miles. That would be ten kilometers less than its predecessor, and twenty miles below the maximum limit of 1987 adopted the INF Treaty.