Berendrecht < / P> Chemiereus may maintain an action shall be the site at Lillo, in the Antwerp port area, “site preparations” for the arrival of the two new ones. The Antwerp provincial authorities have opted for an authorisation has been granted. According to the first deputy, Luke Lemmens (N-VA), the county board of elections with the advice of the state omgevingsvergunningscommissie will be followed. The endorsement comes in spite of hundreds of objections and a petition from the group in Antwerp Schaliegasvrij.

you can maintain an action, made at the beginning of this year, announced that Antwerp had been chosen for an investment of 3 billion euros with two new plants at its site in Lillo and nearby areas. It’s going to be a propaandehydrogenatiefabriek (PDH), and a ethaankraker. That should, respectively, of propane conversion into propylene, and ethane in the ethylene raw material for other chemical products.

At the planning was all quick to protest from environmental groups, who fear more CO2 emissions and more plastic pollution. She responded, moreover, furious at the fact that it may maintain an action first, an individual licence is granted for the preparation of the site, including a piece of the phenomenon. “Forest, fields of plants for which we do not know whether they are allowed to get, it is too early”, she said.

now That the first hurdle has been now, therefore, in spite of numerous appeals and a petition, however, was taken. After a positive recommendation by the city of Antwerp, the provincial government has no hesitation in bomenkap. Within the state omgevingsvergunningscommissie was in accordance with the delegation only of the Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB) is appropriate. “However, they have indicated some of the terms and conditions in the case of a licence would give you,” says the deputy, Lemmens. “It’s going to be a boscompensatie of the 55 acres to be planted. That’s more than the law, but we may, nevertheless, impose on the licence.”

you can maintain an action late Thursday to know that the license is an important step towards the realization of the two plants, which is also known as “Project ONE”. The company claims that it has responded to the concerns of other interested parties such as western union. According to maintain an action, shows a new report from the CAC, although in the compensatieplichtige part of the forest that will be harvested – the trees are older than 22 years old – just 17.5 hectares, and it is legally so, at 35 acres, it would have to be compensated for. Nevertheless, it is engaged in the business of the licence is requested, the 55 acres to be planted. “Ineos recognizes the value of a temporary nature is caused, and it is, therefore, willing to compensate, not what the law is,” what it sounds like.

in the continuation of The project will be in accordance with the Ineos four to five years to complete, with the construction of the industrial installations as well as the construction of roads, underground pipe lines, electric distribution networks, and a pier. For the various steps will be further applications for licences need to be submitted.
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