A group of young people working in a VHS course is for high school – then a shocking outbreak of violence: Three men burst into the class room of a school on the lower Rhine, beating up a 17-year-old student with a rod and a telescopic stick and hurt him with a airsoft gun on the back, the police announced on Thursday. The Morning after four suspects were arrested: three young men aged 19, 21 and 22 years of age and a 17-year-old young people.

The police are investigating on suspicion of robbery with violence. The two 19-and 21-year-old suspects were known to the police for drug – and theft-related offences, said a spokesman authorities. The Prosecutor’s office will decide on Friday, whether you move against the three young men warrant. The 17-year-old girl should be dismissed after the hearing.

The day after the Robbery are placed in the class room neatly, the chairs high, nothing is reminiscent of the attack on the eve. Wednesday, 18 o’clock in a class room Leni-Valk-secondary modern school in the small town of Goch: Eleven young people aged between 17 and 22 years education qualification learned from police sources for your home. With her 69-year-old instructor, a retired teacher.

Suddenly, three young men stormed into the course, armed with a Telescopic pole, the Second pole, the third, the terrified group took a gun true. Only later should turn out that it is a compressed air powered airsoft gun. But that could know in the moment, no one. Probably the shock for participants and teachers. “You were scared,” said police spokesman Michael Ermers.

Very specifically to the three young men in the 17-Year-olds have received and have slammed. As the Boy tried to flee and fell to the floor, should have taken the culprit with the sticks next to him. The third offender is shot according to police sources, the victim with the airsoft gun in the back. Why they desisted from their victims – first of all, is still a mystery.

“We had a number of notes quickly,”

A 17-year-old girl who had been waiting for during the attack in the hallway, took refuge with the three young men. Back to the hard-to-beat young man remained: The dot-shaped redness of the compressed air weapon is not force quite so bad. “It will hurt, but not hard. The severe injuries come from the blows with the truncheon, or with the rod,“ said police spokesman Ermers. Nevertheless, the youth was able to leave the hospital after outpatient treatment.