Increase to three the positive of the Lorca Deportiva, which is not reported the first case


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The template of the Football Club Lorca Deportiva, team last Saturday managed to climb to Second Division B, presents two cases positive for coronavirus, as announced this Thursday the minister of Health, Manuel Villegas.

therefore, the entire team lorquino, as well as the Athletic Pulpileño , his rival in the final by the rise, you need to pass the tests and PCR and to stay in quarantine to prevent new infections.

And directed by Villegas after the Council of Government , pointing out that tests have been made to the members of these two sets of football faced in the complex Pinatar Arena of San Pedro del Pinatar in search of a climb that achieved the lorquinos.

the tournament express was organized by the Football Federation of the Region of Murcia (FFRM), agency that quoted members of both templates to be tested this Wednesday at the estadio Francisco Artés Carrasco all do this after the Monday it became public that Francisco Sanchez “Cuckoo”, goalkeeping coach of the Lorca Deportiva, to be positive for coronavirus.

This technician was not in San Pedro del Pinatar, nor attended the last training sessions that took place the template white to prepare for their clash against the Pulpileño.

This issue has determined that the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has opened a case file the club of the City of the Sun by not giving information of what happened prior to the FFRM or own RFEF. Therefore, the entity that presides over Hugo Omar Issa is exposed to a possible penalty.

Asked about the case, Villegas didn’t go into details and said he does not know if these positive are related to the outbreak in two local nightlife in Lorca that have been closed.

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