Childcare, accommodation for a dependent person, donations to an association… Many of the costs incurred give rise to a reduction or tax credit in France.

As Merci pour l’Info, formerly Dossier Familial, reminds us, there is also a tax advantage for people who use their car, motorcycle or even their personal scooter to volunteer with a non-profit association of general interest.

In the case of an organization of general interest or recognized as being of public utility, this advantage amounts to 66% of the amount of the costs within the limit of 20% of the taxable income.

When it comes to an organization helping people in difficulty or victims of domestic violence, the reduction is 75% of the sum of the costs up to a limit of 1,000 euros.

Beyond this amount, the tax reduction amounts to 66% of the total amount.

While the examination of the finance bill for 2023 is ongoing, an amendment has just been adopted at first reading to transform this tax reduction into a tax reduction that would benefit not only taxpayers but also non-volunteers. – taxable.

In the explanatory memorandum, the deputies explain as follows: “Non-taxable volunteers give their time and resources to work to improve the daily lives of people in the same way as taxable volunteers (…) This measure would therefore make it possible to support and encourage voluntary work”.

The government being opposed to this measure, there remains a risk that it will not see the light of day, the use of 49.3 not being excluded.