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The Deportivo La Coruna has issued another statement, this time a result of the leakage of the audio of Álex Bergantiños in which the player referred to the game against Fuenlabrada in a suspicious manner. In this sense, the galician set has wished to show its “full support” to the footballer, who says it is “an example of honesty and values of sport and personal throughout his long career. A reflection outside and inside the playing field of what it means to the Sportsmanship and the principles non-negotiable in sport.”

Also, in the text, the Sporty expresses “disbelief for the interpretation totally taken out of context of his words, they were just trying to want to find a way of making the protest that since the Club is doing for the oppression that we are suffering on the part of the address of LaLiga”. In addition, it shows its “surprise and indignation for this new succession of events, test that since the presidency of LaLiga you want to continue dribbling the field of play to cover all of the serious malpractices and irregularities committed against the competition, the Royal Sports Club and other member clubs of LaLiga”.

In this sense, the Sport is coming against the League’s decision to reject the request for the postponement of the match against Fuenlabrada -initially planned for this Wednesday-, for, shortly after, and after being branded as “careless” , in the words of the club, ” receive more than 30 calls LaLiga requesting to sign the agreement request for the postponement of the match to Friday (previously signed by Fuenlabrada and LaLiga)”. “ The bluff of LaLiga had gone wrong. The Dépor can and want to play the game since yesterday, so that LaLiga has launched all its machinery media to stop their celebration and look culpabilizarnos, by beginning to tarnish the good name of our captain,” he adds.

The statement ends by calling for calm and responsibility of all the sportsmanship. “We have to play the match on Friday at 20:00 h. and go out to win it on the field. What we’re going to win, but above all we’re going to win the game that we’re playing in the offices for the cleaning of the competition and an organization and its environment that is showing its face more dark against one of its member clubs”.

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