the united states is now the world’s most widely identified corona virus infection, says the american media. Also the global spread of the next to the Johns Hopkins university, the united states has overtaken infection in Italy and China.

at Johns Hopkins, according to the 330 million people in the united states has already been identified about 82 400 infected. Italy was a late Thursday 80 589 infected and in China 81 782.

the united states was a Thursday evening registered 1 209 corona virus combined death.

Trump: the Process should start soon

U.s. president Donald Trump emphasis again on Thursday in a briefing that the country should get back to work.

we May introduce large areas of our country, who have not been exposed so seriously (corona virus), but we have to start the process very soon, Trump said, according to CNN.

however, He also pointed out that people should continue to engage in social isolation. Trump told reporters that he plans to have more information in the coming days.

Trump said Thursday that federal authorities are developing a guideline for the county to evaluate the corona virus in the spread of risk. News agency AP reports that Trump has sent a letter to the country’s governors, with open plans.

in his Letter, Trump said that the new guidelines is intended to allow state and regional leaders to make decisions about whether the social isolation to maintain, increase or reduce.

Already, the länder and the municipalities can set the necessary conversions deems appropriate restrictions.

the president and The experts in different lines

Trump said Tuesday he wants to open the united states already for the passover, i.e. in two weeks.

– the Goal is to eventually loosen restrictions and open up all again. Easter is a very special day for many reasons. What a great time span it was not, Trump said Tuesday on Fox News in an interview.

– wouldn’t it be great to get all the church full of people from around the country, Trump continued even later on Tuesday in another interview.

a leading Us infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci urged on Wednesday the people to be realistic corona virus when he was asked how long the corona virus affects humans daily life in the united states.

– People did not create this timeline. The Virus creates the timeline, Fauci told CNN.

fauci, in addition to other experts have said that if the americans do not limit social interaction dramatically, corona virus infection, the number of coming to subdue the country’s health care system.

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