In the suit into the cool Wet – “Mr. Corona” Daniel cook Instagram bathes in the AareAuf appeared on whit Monday, a Video of “Mr. Corona” Daniel Koch. He jumps on his first day in retirement in the Aare in the suit.0 comment here is Mr. Corona jumps in the picture in Bern, the river Aare. In the Background is the Federal building.Video: Instagram/daniel.koch_official

“Mister Corona,” Daniel Koch has made on the first day of his retirement with a special action for attention. The 65-Year-old went on Monday in a suit and tie in the cold Aare river in Bern, baden.

the former head of The division of Communicable diseases at the Federal office for health (BAG) has published two Videos on his Instagram account. He had worn under his Tuxedo for a wetsuit that protected him from the cold, said a cook on request. The water temperature was only around 14 degrees. Cook advised because, the action is not easy so to make.

“I enjoy my rest,” said Koch in the of friends recorded the Video before he jumped in the river Aare. He hoped that all could enjoy a nice summer, he said. At the same time, he said, the pandemic was not yet over and people should still follow the hygiene measures. He also advised to register so that in the case of infections, the potential for more Infected more quickly might find made to be.

According to the saying “The river will once again be bebadbar” he went into the water. Cooking, as representatives of the authorities in the Corona-crisis, well-known for his quiet nature, had taken care of with the award at a media conference for relief and a Smile. He had made so that loosening of the Coronavirus measures for the summer in prospect.

chef action as a pensioner got on the Internet well. Its two in English and French published Videos within hours, thousands of Likes and comments received.


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