Frank Vercauteren (62) against STVV in his second term in office, as the Anderlecht-coach. After 9 to 30, he was urgent for a sea change make. The coach will, of course, a number of changes. Five questions about the new age.

1. Go Vercauteren, with four councillors to sit on the bench?

No it doesn’t. and When Simon Davies is still the official head coach of Anderlecht, he was on the bench, supported by a range of assistants: Floribert Ngalula, Jonas De Roeck and Pär Zetterberg. Also, Kompany’s personal assistant, Rodyse Munienge often sat in the dug-out. Vercauteren is this going to reduce it. “We’re going to change it, but to discuss the precise division of labour”, according to the training program.

as with The Roeck – from Charleroi, was still the interim coach, it is a great opportunity for you to continue to sit as the right hand side of Vercauteren. The involvement of Davies and Ngalula (veldtrainers), it is less and less important, and Zetterberg was in the past, all in one.

2. It may Vercauteren rely on Kompany?

you can Not as a player. , Vincent Kompany, will not be in the selection. However, he is still not recovered from his hamstring injury and the return seems to be not right. “We look at it week by week, it gave Vercauteren them. “It doesn’t make sense to take the risk with Vincent. For a date or a match-stick on his back is a hard one.”

As Luckassen is suspended, it will need Anderlecht to do a puzzle at the ministry of defence. Kompany won it as a player-manager in the stands, sitting down. He met this week with Vercauteren. “Vincent and I have talked a lot. About tactics, about young players, etc., That is, for me, is very thought-provoking. We complement each other very well.”

3. Come to experience pieces in place, young talent?

Yes. in The selection, it is not yet known, but there is a real possibility that a person, as Trebel return to the national team. If the young backs Sardella and Dewaele, it is also very insecure. “For someone as Trebel is to be selected. I don’t look to the past as well. The young people, it is always a great deal of work. They are allowed to make mistakes, but you have to hope that you’ll not have the cash to pay you. If someone else is better, you should not be afraid to put on. But, then, there must be somebody there.”

in Addition to Trebel hope Chipciu and will Thelin on the opportunities and Lutonda are eager to show themselves. Nasri is just two months out with a muscle tear.

4. Choose Vercauteren to have a strong organization.

Yes. , Anderlecht will try it with more than half of his goals in the second half. Vercauteren wants to continue playing football, but at the same time, opt for a more robust organisation, with two controlling midfielders. “We have to go to the system do not change, value for money. I did not see any uncommitted group, and found no physical problem. We, the players, are focused on to provide solutions to all of the circumstances to make the right choices. I don’t like the one-sided game of football.”

5. There was more training on stationary phases?

Yes. , Anderlecht has scored so far, but eight times. Just Three will do worse, with six of the goals. Of all the matches, there was only one player scored off of a stationary phase and a penaltygoal of the Vlap. “Stationary phases, there will be absolutely have a point,” decided Vercauteren. “For some of them, flows a single goal at three-forth of a play. Sometimes, even a single-goal at the two. So We have to be trained.”

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