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exposure of Daido Moriyama (Osaka, 1938), that is regained at the Fundación Foto Collectania, in collaboration with the Foundation Hasselblad and Banco Sabadell , demonstrates the flexibility of the author to reflect the life and chaos of the city.

A flexibility which leaves this necessity of working in a team, without that this suppose to miss the genius of the author, something that is evident both in the experience of the visitor in the room as in the care catalogue, the more you collect the images of the sample, we present a parallel scan; more extensive and, of course, adapted to the format book in a masterful way, is playing with the image and by cropping it to create relationships and dialogs that lead us to the essence of the world Moriyama.

Better, a good method to use

And what is this essence? The turbulent daily life of the large cities through the use of photography as an element of liberation, rather than as encapsulation or framing of a moment. For the japanese, what is important is the creative approach more than the technical perfection , offering walks through the imaginary created as if for a journey immersive by a dimension of dream and nightmare is involved. The city blurs in your images as a body that speeds up the times.

Moriyama, one of the most influential authors of Japan, was awarded in 2019 with the prestigious Prize Hasselblad , which makes it possible for this exhibition curated by Louise Wolthers and Sarah Walker , which showed for the first time in Gothenburg. Highlights of his work the freedom of the readings that he proposes. In room, these are away from the available thematic and chronological order to create a random trip that constantly lets the visitor immersed in the maelstrom of the black and white image . This only breaks down in neat occasions in which the color bursts in to resituarnos in space and time. Formats dance also with the images, creating a few games of coincidences and perspectives space through huge photographs that are interspersed with copies maintained in smaller, more affordable and purists.

– experience in Foto Collectania add holdings private. Shown in this way also the Moriyama books. The one that stands out for the careful editing of its proposals , exposed in the library, as well as in a panel dedicated to its publication zine: copies of magazines Record, from the collection of Victor Poll . Books like Bye Bye Photograpy, Dear, with a first edition of 1972 from the funds of the Publishing RM, as well as other specimens as interesting as it is difficult to locate, that one is left with the urge to be able to discover on the inside.

This is an exhibition of must-haves of the season . In addition to honoring the five decades of a copyright indisputably key for international photography, allows you to reflect on the flexibility of the authorship, the appropriateness of a work to a space and, above all, the construction of a discourse coral between the artist and the actors involved , as are the commissioners, and the teams of the foundations, who have made a labor of love, and of understanding of his speech vital.