lie, lie, lie. Only Riad says Jamal Khashoggi had left the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Then it says murder allegations are “groundless”. Then the Saudi interior Minister says, there have certainly been no murder command. Then Riad says, Khashoggi was suffocated to death in a fist fight, someone got to him, pressed his mouth to prevent screams. The 15 secret service-the Saudis, the period in question came in two private jets to Istanbul, were tourists.

tourists. Of course! Why someone yells at the Consulate? Why is he yelling there? Why is there a “fist fight”, if someone picks up a divorce certification?

the State murder before the eyes of all of us, government lies, webs on top of that – this is the case, Khashoggi according to the current state. Since Augusto Pinochet in “Operation Condor” 40 years ago, this can be an example. Pinochet had enemies abroad to murder, even in Washington, Orlando Letelier was the name of the victim. Pinochet believed in the United States on his side, he could afford the murders, and that was true at the time, unfortunately.

But times change. The new time is not just that Saudi looking Arabia stability without Oil, modern technology needs, and invites, therefore, of a conference. Heiko Maas had just finished the Saudi-German crisis, the Sigmar had caused Gabriel a year ago with the criticism of Saudi “adventurism” were meant to be actions in Lebanon and the war in Yemen.

The new time is the fact that many of the murders in front of our very eyes – the journalist Anna Politkovskaya and the politician Boris Nemtsov in Moscow, Kim’s half-brother in Malaysia, Sergei Skripal in England, the Journalist Ján Kuciak in Slovakia to bring a barrel to Overflowing. Kidnappings, for example, the Vietnamese Dissident Xuan Thanh Trinh in the light of day in Berlin’s Tiergarten.

To the mafia methods in the policy acceptable? Siemens and Deutsche Bank, would do well to boycott Riads conference. You are not allowed to give the Saudis the feeling that in the morning everything was forgotten.

In the case of Khashoggi plays someone like Recep Tayyip Erdogan, himself people abroad threaten human rights activists. This is absurd. The correct answer would be investigation by the International court of justice in The Hague, with the threat of arrest warrants. If your yachts Bob up and down is useless in the Harbor, feel the Prince the seriousness of the situation and other, the princesses secretly to murder, too.