After Lockdown In the car, keep your distance or wear a mask – Bike clean regularly as of Monday, we can move forward free. Also motorized. While bikers can dispense with face masks, make it in the car, depending on the Situation make sense.Dieter Liechti0 comment protective masks in the car are only necessary if passengers to ride who do not live in the same household.Shutterstock

“From the 11. In may, the Swiss population is again free to move, as the supply of public transport is again driven high. Private transport, however, remains the safer solution,” writes the TCS (Touring Club Switzerland) in its latest media release. And, at the same tips for the new mobility:

car: keep your distance and masks

“The car is one of the safest means of transportation during the Corona-crisis,” write the experts of the TCS. “Wearing the face mask and the Spacer superfluous are to be kept in the car, when all of the occupants living in the same household.” But this is not the case, so face masks should be worn if the required distance cannot be maintained. The car-sharing companies also inform on their websites about the way they keep their vehicles clean.

it is also Important the correct setting of the air conditioner. “Not on convection mode, because can spread the viruses and bacteria in the interior,” writes the doctor, Markus Lüthi. The TCS also recommends you to check the air pressure of the tires and the condition of the vehicle, if it has been standing a long time still.

motorcycle: The helmet protects

As with all individual means of transport, the motorcycle and the scooter are recommended at this time for movement, because they allow you to maintain the hygiene necessary distance. The full-face helmet provides plenty of protection, so that the face mask can be dispensed with. However, it is recommended that no strange hat, and has not been cleaned before.

The TCS is recommended to wash the surfaces with soap or a dish detergent, even if you are wearing gloves to prevent the spread of the Virus as possible. In addition, the vehicle should be inspected prior to commissioning, if it stand for several months.

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