In response to the rights of a rampage – armed to the UK’s racist heritage tapers to Salute, smoke grenades, stones, Nazi: After the parade of racist thugs in London announces Premier Johnson harsh penalties for the desecration of monuments.Cathrin Kahlweit0 comment police officers and protesters of extreme right-wing groups in Whitehall, near Parliament Square in London.Keystone

More than a hundred protesters were detained on Saturday around Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square. Predominantly white men, who were recruited from the 2017-founded, racist “Football Lads Alliance”, as well as the extreme right-wing movement “Britain First”, came to its own information, into the city centre, in order to secure the statues, whose fall threatened by supporters of the Black-Lives-Matter-movement (BLM). In fact, several organizations, to BLM, but had had marches in London for the Saturday called on its supporters asked to remain at home or to demonstrate other places to be peaceful, because conflict with the right-wing Mob fears had been.

learning so, While small groups of people in Hyde Park and in many other cities of the country met, gathered in front of the Parliament and around the Nelson Statue, hundreds of right-wing, part of drunken Hooligans, the stones, bottles and smoke grenades at police officers threw the officials into fights involved. Many shouted slogans of the British extreme Right such as “eng-ger-land” and the name of the neo-Nazis Tommy Robinson. Also Nazi to see the Salute; a protester urinated pointedly against the monument for a terrorist attack killed police officers. He was later arrested.

The most violent clashes were a result of the heated debate over the handling of monuments and national monuments, which had followed the fall of the Statue of the slave-dealer Edward Colston in Bristol. A few days ago the monument of the war, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and a war had been smeared as a historic monument on Parliament, which provoked considerable outrage in conservative circles.

Johnson: “lie about our history”

Churchill’s grandson, the former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, last year the Parliament urged MPs Nicholas Soames, said the country had “lost his compass”. Also leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer condemned the iconoclasm and campaigned for it to present the corresponding figures in museums in an appropriate context. Prime Minister Johnson stated that they could not rewrite the “past”; the removal of statues that honored historical figures, was a “lie about our history”. Since weeks is being discussed in many municipalities, and universities, whether monuments, which are reminiscent of colonialists, racists, slavers, or slave owners, to be preserved in the context of a national debate and re-evaluated – or should be removed.

took On the conflict between Right, Hooligans and the police, the British government responded with an announcement that let sharpness nothing to be desired – the however, just of the extreme Right, which came against an “Islamization of the Kingdom” to the field and the “respect of the police is criticised to the left of the vandal”, target. Johnson alleged that racist thugs would find on the streets and all the Brits need to work together to combat racism from the society to keep away. He said that leaders of extreme right-wing movements had led the Protest that was officially to protect the statues of national heroes organized – and thus ended that police officers had to protect the statues from the attacks of a right-wing Mobs.

Patel: “off-putting”

Downing Street has announced, according to the Telegraph, after the clashes on Sunday, the drastic tightening of penalties for the desecration of war memorials. Up to ten years in prison should receive, who defaced monuments, defiled, or destroyed. Interior Minister Priti Patel said scenes, as they had been last seen, were “disgusting and shameful”. A group of conservative members of Parliament, calls for, apparently, the tightening of the quick law, to show that the Tories are the “party of law and order” and would not allow that “democracy will be destroyed in this way”.

A debate on the demands of the BLM movement, the system wants to show of racism in the UK, is not foreseen for the time being of the government.

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