In Luxembourg, the public transport should be available in March 2020 free of charge. The plans for infrastructure Minister François Bausch, presented on Monday – to bring more people into a Bus, a train, and trains. Accordingly, the measure will cost annually to 41 million euros and will be financed from tax revenues. Who 1. March 2020, the transport of wool to draw on funds need no Ticket, just his badge, said Bausch.

restrictions should, therefore, for the first class of the trains, you should continue to be subject to a fee. In addition, there are, according to the government, several of the municipalities operated bus lines, in which the decision to free use by the respective citizens is overcome. For the many commuters who come from abroad to Luxembourg, should be at least the ride from the border for free.

Bausch described the free public transport as a “major social intervention”, even if it is not a “panacea” to move the people to switch to public transport. At the same time, the small country wants to invest in 2023 of around 2.2 billion euros in the Rail. All of the buses to drive up to 2030, electric.

The largest transport trade Union Fncttfel Landesverband showed skepticism in the face of government plans. It makes the Jobs of the approximately 350 inspectors and employees at the counters.