In the early 1970s, the old Old Country of Goussainville (Val-d’Oise) was deserted by its inhabitants. The cause ? The construction, not far from there, of the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

What is now called a “ghost village” remains frequented by a few residents who have had, on many occasions, the unpleasant surprise of coming across couples in the middle of sexual intercourse.

In the columns of Le Parisien, an exasperated mother recounts having seen two people making love in the middle of the neighborhood park, in the grass, without worrying about the gaze of passers-by, children walking around or neighbors ask them to stop showing off. Because the presence of toddlers does not prevent these fans of outdoor sex from indulging in their fine parts.

“Once, my six-year-old daughter heard screams and asked me what are they doing? (…) When I pass, I tell them I’m calling the police and they don’t react! Seeing people doing that regularly in front of your home, it’s not pleasant. Besides, it’s never the same people, nor the same vehicles”, sighs another mother who is used to meeting these people around 4 p.m., on the way home from school.

“Regularly, cars park, windows open otherwise it’s not funny, with people inside making love. The last time, they saw that I was with my 11 year old son! But they did not stop so far”, laments another.

Is this phenomenon an isolated fact, as the town hall assures?

Contacted by the Ile-de-France daily, the mayor’s office pleads the isolated case. “Investigations are ongoing. For us, this is an isolated fact. Now, this does not surprise us. A large part of the building has been abandoned by the previous municipalities. This is part of the incivilities that we wants to fight,” they are told.

A few years ago, Taï lived only ten minutes from this village. When he learned that the Old Country of Goussainville had become a place where couples meet to make love outdoors, he conducted his own investigation… And tells us.

Taï, who went to the scene himself after hearing these rumours, assures us that it is much more frequent than one might think. “I went there out of curiosity, and I spoke with a local resident who assured me that these things were very frequent, and had been for quite some time,” he tells us.

“Given the appearance of the village, I understand that some people indulge in this kind of practice. It’s a really, really isolated place,” continues Taï. What are the risks for people who have sex in the open air, exactly? According to article 222-32 of the Penal Code, “the sexual exhibition imposed on the sight of others in a place accessible to the gaze of the public is punished by one year of imprisonment, and 15,000 euros in fine”.