In Europe, the holiday German is the best


    A holiday in Europe for German tourists on the cheapest in Bulgaria and the most expensive in Norway. In Bulgaria, the price level for Hotels and restaurants spent less than half as high as in Germany, in Norway, in contrast, it was 46 percent higher, according to the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden on Friday. Generally, the holiday in southern and Eastern Europe is cheaper than in Germany, in West and North Europe more expensive.

    In Bulgaria, the price level for Hotels and restaurants is, therefore, nearly 58 per cent among the Germans, Croatia is approximately a third cheaper. Spain holiday makers to pay according to the statistics, around a quarter less for services than in Germany.

    UK cheap

    In France, cost of catering and hotel services, an average of around five per cent more than in Germany. Denmark is for German tourists, the most expensive country within the EU, the price level is a third higher.

    it is Still cheap before the upcoming Brexit, given the current weakness of the British pound, a trip to the United Kingdom, here are the restaurants costs and hotel services currently, almost three percent less than in Germany.

    The statistician evaluated for the study, the price indices for restaurants and hotel services in the European Union (EU) and in other European countries.

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