Leandro Trossard it has to be the first speelminuten since the liesblessure that he was watching tv with the Red Devils and immediately made an impact for his club, Brighton. In a poor game against Everton, helped the ex-Genkenaar the match will be for the benefit of the team to do a roll-over. “He was a breath of fresh air”, looked at some of them in the Uk voetbalpraatprogramma Match of the day.

Trossard at the beginning of september last year, with a liesblessure on-site training with the Red Devils beat the Saturday afternoon gensters to come back. The Maasmechelaar would only be allowed 25 minutes to play in the Brighton, Hove & Albion, but failed to bring the speed, what about spot’s, and the creativity that the team at that time lacked. It was also right at the base of the latter 3-2, the winning goal is scored. His sharp header was Everton defender Lucas Digne, in his own purpose to work.

In one of the prestigious English voetbalpraatprogramma Match of the day, they looked at likkebaardend to. “It only takes one person made all the difference. Leandro Trossard was out in the field, and it was immediately imminent,” according to the presenter, Gary Lineker.

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“He was brought up to the quality that was needed for this match to break open,” said an analyst, Jermaine Jenas. “It wasn’t a roaring match, but this guy really is a breath of fresh air. We have had a sharp, amused himself, on the left-hand side. He asked me to the ball consistently, ran is constantly being released, thought the defender dribbling the ball in the sixteen of them. And all of a sudden you could see the whole stadium started to believe that, in Brighton, this match was a win. You can see that in the team he breathes out, ” give me the ball, I will do it with me. It was such a great cameo.”