Necessity is the mother of invention – In Cuba the sports results gewürfeltDie Cubans are wild for Baseball, but now their national sport is at a standstill. And E-Sports is no trace in the Offline country. So the dice fly instead of the balls now.Andreas Knobloch0 KommentareDie Cubans are so obsessed with Baseball that they have made friends even with the variant of the dice-Baseball friends. In The Picture: Midfielder Carlos Viera.Photo: Chung Sung-Jun ()

For a little more than two months, the sports world is due to the Corona pandemic in virtually every corner of the world to a standstill. Online competitions and E-sports, where you look: of console football about virtual chess tournaments to pole vaulting competitions in the home garden – broadcast live all over the world.

Also in Cuba were already a few weeks ago all the sports exposed to competitions. If and when the championship in national sports can Baseball start, in the stars. But E-Sports? Digital Competitions? In the Offline country Cuba is difficult. And yet, the ingenuity, the creativity, and the eternal Baseball have a passion on the island of a Baseball series is created: Instead of virtual sports on console Baseball will roll-results and passionate debate.

“The idea of our virtual series is to determine the results live and direct, and to talk about Baseball,” says TV and Radio Journalist Reynier Batista, who has brought the series to life. “Around the world, there are virtual sports events, the results of which are generated by computers. But there is no protagonist, the life, the Emotion.” Therefore, the 34-Year-old invites a guest: active baseball players, Actresses, humorists or journalists colleagues. The guests make the Whole thing alive, says Batista. “It ensures the voltage that the host can decide it with his Dice, the fate of his favorite team and all the other.”

five of a kind loses

The rules are simple. The 16 teams of the Cuban League to take 15 days of play in Mini-series of three games each against the other. Is played with two Dice. The higher score wins. The double-Three does not automatically mean a victory, losing five of a kind. “To give the thing a little spice,” says Batista. The top eight Teams reach the playoffs, which will be played in K. o. System, also best of three. There are live broadcasts on Facebook and Youtube.

defeat! The Cuban Humorist Otto Ortiz rolls in the programme a five of a kind.Screenshot

Between the litters speaks Batista with his guests about Baseball. “We want to look at Baseball from different angles. The idea is that the guests talk about their lives, it is primarily about Baseball.” And that is more than to go to the stadium and catch a game. “If you start to have a conversation with people, you realize that there are big to tell similar anecdotes.” Old rivalries come to light, glorious episodes from the past, and previous Stars to be revived. “That’s why Baseball is the passion of the Cubans.” And talking about help, in Corona times to maintain this passion.

Recently, Yosvani Peñalver, one of the best players of the capital team Industriales, was a guest at Batista. “I think it is a great idea, which brings us in these times of Coronavirus from the monotony out,” says Peñalver. A victory for his Team, he couldn’t roll. “Fortunately it is only a game,” he says with a Laugh. “But it raises Controversy, because the people are starting to discuss the results of the games into reality.”

Also, the audience gains

Batista is surprised by the response of the audience. “The people follow the series virtual. We have received messages from Cubans abroad, who has to look after the Stand for the first time, how your team is playing.” Viewers can also for your favorite team to register. The should win then at the end of the tournament, they come up in a lottery for various prizes. This creates additional tension.

Batista explains: “When we see these kind of Events, which take place on the Computer, this is all very cool, and the Fans are far away from what is happening. For us, the trailer, the Transmission to follow the action, with each throw of the dice and fire by Facebook comments to your team.” The dice create interaction and put people at the center, says Batista, so he would not want the guests to play the games on a Playstation, he says. “I think the cubes are a pretty original idea. And why the whole game process too complex to make? The Interesting thing is the mix of results and what to tell the guests to use. They should continue to play with Dice!”

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