An ally of the radical right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has called for a bearing according to the example of the controversial American prison camp Guantanamo on Cuba. The Governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, said on Thursday in a speech to police officers: “We need our own Guantanamo Bay”. “Terrorists” would have to be taken to places, “where the society is entirely free from them”.

after the terrorist attacks of September 11. September 2001-appointed prison camp in Guantanamo is become a global icon for human rights violations. The American President Donald Trump ordered a year ago, to receive the bearing. His predecessor, Barack Obama had sought in vain to get a closure.

The far-right politician Witzel is in Brazil for the extreme positions known. After his election as Governor, he had announced the use of snipers against armed Suspects, even without immediate danger to the lives of police officers. Against “Criminal” wants to Witzel, as well as Bolsonaro with all the hardness.

American military base in Brazil?

2017 were registered in Brazil nearly 64,000 murders. Many people have the violent crime tired of it. This contributed to the fact that Bolsonaro were in the presidential election, and twelve rights candidates in the Governor elections in October.