Corona-relaxations – In addition, the Federal Council decides today, discos, adult entertainment establishments, Demos, football games: On 8. June should be a lot more bans relaxed as planned. The Federal Council informed today in the afternoon from 15 o’clock. We report on an ongoing basis. LIVE0 comments

in a nutshell:

Since Monday the 11th. May, the Swiss public TRANSPORT departs from a largely normal schedule.
schools, and many shops have opened for the first time in almost two months.Barber shops, beauty salons, garden centers and hardware stores opened on the 27th. April.A third Phase is on 8. June provided.This afternoon, starting at 15 PM, the Federal Council informed in Bern about the latest relaxations.LIVE TICKER for this media conference starting at 15 PM

this afternoon, from 15 o’clock the President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga, Minister of justice, Karin Keller inform-Sutter, as well as health Minister Alain Berset on the loosening of the Corona-measures from the 8. June. We will be reporting live.

These relaxations, the Federal Council, now known

Many bans to 8. June, fall, or be softened. It was announced that a whole range of leisure activities and may include facilities such as theatres, cinemas, zoo, mountain Railways and campsite operation and the ban on public Assembly is loosened. Also, the classroom begins to vocational, secondary and higher schools again.

Now that transfers to the Federal Council on Wednesday, numerous other locker has submitted is leaked. Already the opening step of 11. May was significantly larger than initially planned, which is why epidemiologists in an increase of the infection feared numbers. Has occurred the opposite: For nearly a month, fewer than 100 people are tested per day in a positive way, for days now, the number is only one digit.

receptions for up to 1000 persons

Now translations from the 8 want. June rallies and demonstrations with up to 30 persons to allow, as larger events such as weddings with up to 300 people, where guests are registered. Approved also all events like concerts or football games, with up to 300 visitors, will be, if these are available, and with up to 1000 people seated. The conditions are that the distance rule is observed of 2 meters and a protection concept exists. Likewise, the organizer must register the visitors, so they can be contacted afterwards. This is to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus for a second Time unobserved explosively.

gastro-businesses to benefit, by removing the previous restriction to four guests per table falls. Similarly, you are likely to offer Live music and entertainment such as Darts. Also the night life wants to put culture Minister Berset again, at least until the police midnight hour: Nightclubs should be allowed to engage up to 300 people, when they register. Erotic businesses can also receive Free, provided they leave their contact information.

life with the Coronavirus

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a Public Health expert Marcel Tanner is a member of the Coronavirus task force of the Federal government. He explains how we can lead in future in Switzerland, despite the risk of infection, an almost normal life.

easing the distance rule in view

The Federal Council according to the research, this newspaper already for the next steps of the relaxations in views: The 6. July, before the summer holidays, could be relaxed, the distance rule, such as in public transport. Then also, events with more than 1000 people would be depending on the epidemiological situation possible, which were previously provided at the earliest in September.

exit from the emergency legislation

health Minister Alain Berset today is to bring in the Bundesrat, the exit from the emergency legislation for discussion. The extraordinary circumstances in accordance with the epidemic law should end in mid-June after three months, and it should apply to the particular situation. About it it is reported on Tuesday first, the “look”.

The Federal Council would reaffirm its desire, out of the emergency law regime to quit, and he fulfilled a requirement of the cantons. With Basel-Landschaft decided on Tuesday in the first Canton, to make his plight by the end of may expiry.

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promotion of The practical consequences of the particular situation are, however, limited: The Federal Council is again obliged the cantons to listen to, but still has far-reaching competences. The temporary emergency legislation measures remain valid. For those who should no longer last for six months, wants to Berset on the 19. June of an urgent Federal act to propose.

scientists recommend effective measures

Bersets plans are in line with the recent recommendations of the Covid task force, which will soon be published. Erect the authorities should receive, therefore, only those General measures, which do not cause high costs, including Social Distancing, Hygiene, and the Wearing of face masks.

Costly interventions, such as the General closure of shops, however, are to be avoided, the scientists demanded. Instead, any measures are tailor-stronger regional relationships. This was, however, only possible if the infection numbers remain low. For the Federal government and the cantons should facilitate access to testing to be Infected quickly and identify chains of Infection interrupt.

The researchers also recommend strongly the use of the Corona App, and a Monitoring of the virus spread by means of regular Tests, for example in schools or in health and service personnel.

How effective is the Corona were the measures?

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