Brussels –

the Population of Belgium is moving more than in the past, from one region to the other. According to a report on the population movements between the regions in Belgium this Wednesday, presented by the regional statistiekdiensten in the country.

however, there is an increase in the number of migrations between the Brussels-Capital Region and the Flemish Region of belgium, in the year 2016, it will have more than 24 000 inhabitants in the Brussels region, leaving to settle in the Flemish Region of belgium. This corresponds to an increase of 55 per cent over the number in 1997.

the Inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region, which is moving to the Flemish Region of belgium, or Wallonia, and settled mainly in the outskirts of Brussels. However, the past few years, an expansion of vestigingszone been established, such as in the Denderstreek or in the area, and at Ten o’clock. In the process of randverstedelijking of Brussels, in place since the mid-1960s, is, therefore, broader in in. The inhabitants of Brussels are left, especially young adults, and their young children. Among them, there are more and more citizens are from non-European countries, or in the newest member states of the European Union.

the population of The Flemish Region of belgium, which is moving to Brussels, has clearly increased. Here, it is particularly important to young adults who leave the parental home. On the other hand, the number of people in Wallonia will leave for Brussels to go and live in fairly stable over the past few years.

It has been over the past few years, a significant increase in the number of inhabitants of Wallonia, which is moving to the Flemish Region of belgium. This migration flow has its own profile, including a great many young adults from outside of Europe, which is specific to a small Walloon municipalities are left to take in the larger Flemish towns and cities to live in.
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