The Us president when He thinks that China would have to start the procedure of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden and his son Hunter. That’s what he said Thursday it was in Washington. This is striking, as well as a similar request from the Ukraine, which led to the impeachment procedure, which the Democrats are against it He started.

The Democratic party had been opened the previous week on a so-called ‘impeachment’proceedings against the Home, as a result of a telephone conversation, that He on the 25th of July with the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski. From the transcript it appears that He has several times in the Zelenski, has called for an investigation into the former Us vice-president Joe and Hunter Biden. Joe Biden will be in 2020, it is possible that the Democratic challenge of the Trump in the presidential election.

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When the Us president about it on Thursday in Washington, the questions received from reporters, he repeated that a Ukrainian investigation into the affairs of the family and Offer necessary. “If I were president, Zelenski, it would be necessary to have an investigation”, she said.


But he went one step further and emphasized the need for Chinese research. “Also, China is a study of the range of plant start up. Because of what happened in China has happened, it is about the same as what is happening in Ukraine has happened,” he said.

This referred to a Home for unsubstantiated accusations, as if Hunter’s Offer of a state visit by his father in 2013 and have used it to put pressure on the Chinese authorities to be authorised to an investment fund to be established in the country.

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