Canada is a Land of superlatives and of contrasts. It covers almost 10 million square kilometres and is the second largest country in the world. The southern border with the U.S., the longest border between two countries in the world. The huge land mass is divided into ten provinces and dre i territories. Nova Scotia is a province on the East coast, has fewer than a Million inhabitants. The country’s largest city, Toronto, on 2.8 million inhabitants. As different as the regional conditions, are also the provisions for the immigration. More than 60 different programs, rules, who is allowed to be in Canada.

The good news: citizens of EU countries can stay for up to six months without a Visa in Canada.

Everything you need to Enter is your passport. So, you are able to research extensively on-site and to seek a job.

emigrate to Canada: a Variety of possibilities

The only easy way to emigrate to Canada, via the family reunification. If you have relatives or a spouse in Canada, can act as a Guarantor for you. This guarantor must have a regular income, otherwise the authorities to recognize him. All other routes to immigration are in need of a careful preparation. In addition to language skills, the best English and French, you will need a vocational training. FOCUS Online credit card comparison the best credit cards for abroad

Temporary work permit as an entry

A path to permanent residence permit is a temporary work permit. To do this, you need to have a fixed-term contract of employment in Canada, you can save, for example, in the case of a six-month exploratory stay. However, you need for this way of an employer who is really interested in you. The employer must apply to the canadian employment office, that he must adjust. Only if it is checked that no canadian work comes loose for the job in question, he may set you. If you have secured a temporary work permit, you can apply for in the country for a visa as a Permanent Resident with a suitable program. PDF The 111 best tips for perfect photos of Our PDF guides are 111 professional tips and Tricks, Workshops, and instructions for fantastic photos and an effective post-processing.To the PDF guide

pathways to recognition as a Permanent Resident

If you are determined to make Canada your home, you should about the various immigration programs. Responsible for all Visa and immigration applications, the Embassy of Canada in Vienna, Austria. The Embassy in Berlin does not have a visa Department. In order to have chances for recognition as a Permanent Resident, you will need:

Passed the IELTS language test (International English Language Test System): In Germany, there are twelve centers, in which the Test translated proof of work experience and training police FührungszeugnisWo can store can I find information on immigration programs?

the website of The immigration authority of Canada, that is the most reliable source of information about the current immigration programs. Most of the programmes under the government of Canada, but individual provinces. The decision on the recognition is, however, always the immigration authority.

Express Entry into sought-after professionals in

executives, academics, and highly qualified skilled workers can directly use on the website of the immigration authority, the Express Entry program. If you meet the requirements for inclusion in the Express Entry Pool, you must pass a language test and their training rate. If you have already worked a year in Canada, this is not necessary. Then, you create a profile that will be assessed. On the basis of this profile, you can receive an invitation to apply for a Permanent Resident visa. After the invitation you have 90 days to complete the documents for your request and submit.

a Variety of programs in the provinces of

If you do not qualify for the Express Entry Pool will offer you the various programs of the provinces a Chance. Managers, graduates, skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs can apply here. A couple of programs to help workers or semi-skilled workers. In addition, there are programs for qualified individuals who speak French well. Sought-after French-speaking engineers, farmers, Truck drivers and service personnel in the catering or in the hospitality industry. The province of Quebec has its own immigration programs that offer permanent and freelance opportunities.

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