Interview with Blixa Bargeld – “I’m very careful and have to commit to be”40 years of einstürzende Neubauten: With the new Album and a Tour, wanted the Band to celebrate their anniversary. Then the Corona came from. Front man Blixa Bargeld about his life in quarantine, and bags as instruments.Torsten Gross0 comment never had the feeling that the Collapsing new buildings take a long time: Blixa Bargeld during a concert at the Paris Fashion Week in 2017. Photo: Francois Durand ()

How are you in the current Situation?

I’ve been up for 36 days in quarantine. I’m very careful and have to be also: My immune system is not particularly well, old enough I’m also. So I don’t go out at all.

The extra time you use for a quarantine-Blog on in which you are cooking.

The draws amazingly wide circles. I cook on Fridays, which is, so to speak, cooking a synch. From Cutting to Cook, everything is done in real time, so you can cook at home, which is also quite a lot of people do. Subsequently, a Agency down cuts the Five-minutes Format, and the Video on Instagram-TV.

you are now a Food Influencer!

exactly, in the old days, I have become Influencers. Influenza would also fit, is also a Coronavirus.

you can hardly have planned, but by the Berlin-reference, which pulls the Album through, it fits well in the time. Berlin is tested in isolation.

Oh, Yes, the reference to Berlin. “Grazer Damm” can I as a reference, but the Album was not “Grazer Damm” hot. The other Berlin-references on the Album can be neglected but. It comes in “Tempelhof” not to Tempelhof, and in “Wedding” not a Wedding.

“Poland case get a as an Instrument for the first time not to, but it is precisely therein lies the charm.”

Blixa Bargeld

these are not places I find interesting, because they appear in popular, on the same City districts were limited in Berlin-narration rarely. How you can experience Berlin as the reception of the city in literature, the media, and in Pop ?

It is tiring. Corona would not have been, we could have us set in the year 2020, a duration of irrigation with the eternal twenty years-number of cocaine and Charleston. In January it started already, since everything was compared constantly with the twenty years in Berlin.

you have lived in Beijing and San Francisco, living since some years in Berlin. What binds them?

Currently, my school-age daughter. This limits the mobility quite.

there is in new Song Furnished song the beautiful line: Our daughter will stay here with, well, well without us.

this is The first piece we started for the Album. An Improvisation, and then the daughter came into the game, as I haven’t noticed, I’m redoing this for my wife and me, but for my daughter.

Berlin has always been marked by movements of refugees in the city and beyond: escape from the GDR to escape from the confines of the West German province back to Berlin of the eighties

Historically, Berlin has always been a city that people from elsewhere came here. From the great elector to today. To was West Berlin’s times, it is a common joke to say that you don’t know any Berliner and never have met. All of them came from somewhere else, most of them were Swabians.

we are Currently experiencing, especially the escape to Berlin before the war and expulsion. Here is the Song bags comes indirectly, in the the cheap plaid plastic bags play a role, in which Refugees of their belongings to transport.

The so-called Poland a suitcase, you can googling even under this term.

What attracted you to these bags?

Poland case get a as an Instrument for the first time not to, but it is precisely therein lies the charm. If we remove the normal cycle and integrated into the artistic production. At first, I tried to fill the bags with Helium, because I thought it would be nice to play on them, and then they fly away. Flying Poland’s case, this would have been a great picture.

“Among other things, the statement was: “I can also find it as a vegetarian Meret Oppenheim’s fur Cup.””

Blixa Bargeld


you were flying! In return, they are apparently too heavy. So I wanted to fill them with packing materials, Styrofoam and so on. And then a discussion started in the Band whether we should even work with the packaging materials. The Keyword Is Sustainability.

How you have positioned yourself in this debate?

Among other things, the statement was: “I can also find it as a vegetarian Meret Oppenheim’s fur Cup.”

How they brought the plastic bags because, in the end the Sound?

we have filled the bag with rags. And with containers containing other things: coins, nails, noodles, peas. Alex Hacke played then on a bag, and at the Moment it has made me click. I just thought of the sea, and suddenly the sentence was there.

Between us and you / Roll with the waves of monsters / A gefrässiges monster. It is, of course, to the Drama of the Refugees in the Mediterranean sea.

I have asked the Swedish-Palestinian Poet Ghayath Almadhoun, if I may use a line from his book of poetry “A Predator called the Mediterranean sea”. Then I came at night to another idea: I wanted to continue, I had begun to in our piece, “plot”: “What I’m looking for in your Dreams, I search nothing, I’ll clean up”, it is said. Now bags “the line begins”: “What we are looking for in your Dreams, we seek nothing, we’ll wait” and then the line comes with the voracious Behemoth.

all in All 40 years of einstürzende Neubauten appear to a anniversary. You’re still here. How could this happen?

No idea. I never had the feeling that it will take a while. The cemented only when we signed a record contract with the English Label, “Some Bizarre”, to record three albums.

Are you satisfied with what happened to the buildings?

I don’t know what Position we have. I get a lot of encouragement. Yesterday someone wrote me a long, wonderful letter, how sad he was that we have canceled the American Tour. The sender must be around 30 and always wanted to see the new buildings. It has never worked.

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