AirBnB has to give the city of Munich, the data of apartment owners, their homes properly and improperly for more than eight weeks to tourists on rent. This was decided by the Munich administrative court, as it announced on Thursday in a press release. The judgment could be for other cities leading the way, the also want to take action against illegal apartments, to meet the widespread rising Rents.

In Munich, is aggravating the Situation especially, because the Oktoberfest each year attracts thousands of people to people all over the world in the city. For many visitors, the hotel prices in the two autumn weeks are priceless and you seek that is why the Internet for private accommodation. The provider of the flats hoping for a delicious extra side income. Who offers, but no longer than eight weeks in the year of his apartment as a holiday apartment, is Munich’s law a misdemeanor.

AirBnB must adhere to national regulations

The largest provider of private apartments, the American booking platform Airbnb, defended himself before the administrative court with a claim against the request for Information to the city. He claimed that he had his seat in Ireland, and the city of Munich is therefore not responsible. This view was rejected by the administrative court. In spite of your company’s headquarters must keep AirBnB to national regulations.