the New coronavirus is being investigated now fiercely around the world. SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission has already been a wealth of information, although many issues still require clarification.

a Virologist, assistant professor Tarja Sironen from the university of Helsinki told so far the accumulated research data on the basis of the general lines about what the virus during everyday situations is known.

1. How well the cov of adhesion to the way currently known?

the most Common and epidemic progression in terms of the most significant infection route, are already known. Add the course learn all the time.

2. What adhesion to the ways of everyday life is?

the corona virus is transmitted mainly by droplet infection, person to another in close contact. This is the most important infection route in everyday life, and therefore, the contact avoidance is an effective means to combat.

a drop of the infected in addition, the virus can also be transmitted to the surface via contact with an infected. The Virus remains transmission kykyisenä surfaces for some hours.

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3. Susceptible of definition is used for at least 15 minutes of close contact with an infected person. Is infected this shorter contact likely? In what situations gripping easily happen?

it’s Not likely, but certainly possible, if infected, say, coughing heavily.

grab loss occurs when a symptomatic person coughs, sneezes and the spray blows in from the virus in respiratory secretions and the other person is close enough to breathe in these droplets. So in any everyday life situation, which is close to another human being.

THL:n, according to (you move to another service) to other people, to be held at a distance should be 1-2 meters.

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4. When the gathering is limited, the finns have been active outdoors. Can a virus infect just as well outdoors as indoors? If the virus infects, if you will stop and talk?

If the outdoors are in close contact, the virus can there too to seize the person of another. By the way the virus is not transmitted outdoor.

the Outside is easy to keep a sufficient distance with the other person, even if the stop should talk to. Adequate distance from the risk of infection is very small. Congested resting places should be avoided.

5. Whether sticking or disease picture of something importance how a large amount of the virus get?

the adhesion point of view, yes. The larger the virus dose is more likely to result infection. Still don’t know what the amount of the new corona virus has to be addressed. This is quite challenging to investigate the matter.

the Biggest virus of dose example, you can get the super grab consumers from or strongly symptoms person, but we still don’t know how much of the individual variability of the virus very ymisessä is.

6. It has been observed that some of the infected super infecting teachers. Why some of the sufferers to infect the virus to other more?

the New corona virus has indeed already identified the super grab suppliers, and this phenomenon is known in other infectious diseases. One hypothesis is that the super tartuttajat excrete the virus in large quantities, but why this is so, we don’t know. This is research still a lot of work to do.

7. Where the phase of the disease corona virus to cause disease tartuttamisriksi is the largest?

grab the commissioning risk is the most symptomatic stage. There has been some evidence that even very mild symptomatic persons may be contagious for. Likewise, it is possible that the infection occurred before the onset of symptoms.

Compulsive person is to seize, according to the study, at least seven days, but this is not yet known exactly.

THL instruct all the flu symptoms remain at home until fever and other symptoms have been gone at least a day.

THL:no instructions at home the onset of disease and when to seek treatment (you move to another service)

8. What is the most important thing to remember everyday life situations of infection to minimize?

we Know very well that the virus is transmitted specifically from one person to another. In this case, the social distance and contact of the minimization is an effective way to avoid infection. We are at home and minimize all movement outside the home. For each this is not an example of your work possible. It is therefore particularly important that those who have the opportunity to be at home, actually also do so.

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