Will paper-based identity documents disappear? It’s out of the question at the moment. On the other hand, a digital format could soon facilitate your online procedures. Indeed, to secure these actions, the government and the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS) are developing an application allowing you to upload your identity card directly to your smartphone.

The application, called France Identity, could allow you to prove your identity, especially online, because “dematerialized procedures are now widely used”, details the government site.

This simple and secure solution will allow you to authenticate yourself online using a personal code.

Thanks to this app, you can: give power of attorney to someone to pick up one of your packages, prove your age, or send certified electronic photocopies of your ID, in order to “fight against identity theft from the reuse of photocopies of identity cards”.

Eventually, you will be able to connect with France Connect and its many services such as Ameli.fr, impots.gouv, etc. And this, without password or username. “Several national uses are almost ready to be deployed once the national electronic identity card (CNIe) is more widely distributed and the technical solution for digital identity is in place”, assures France Identity.

Open to 1,000 testers since May 12, France Identity will not be available before 2023, however. The test phase “will last until our functional, inclusiveness, quality and security objectives are achieved”, has entrusted the site to Actu.fr.