Summer has not yet officially started and France has already faced its first heat wave of the year. Among the means used by the French to cool off, we find the consumption of ice cream. If you have recently purchased one, be very careful!

Two types of ice cream from the brand “La Manufacture des Belles Glaces” are subject to a recall procedure. Are concerned: the jars of 120 ml and 460 ml with vanilla and pecan nuts marketed from May 16 to June 10, 2022 throughout France.

Open your freezers and check that you have not purchased either of the two recalled products. Here’s how to identify them:

In the slideshow below, find all the brands affected by this product recall.

If you have one of these two tubs of ice cream, don’t consume it again! It can be particularly dangerous for your health because of “the presence of aflatoxins in pecan nuts”, specifies Rappel Conso.

Indeed, these toxins are particularly dangerous for your health. In high doses, they “can cause acute intoxication (aflatoxicosis) which can put the patient’s life in danger, usually because of liver damage”, specifies the site of the World Health Organization.

Rather than throwing away these products, you can bring them back to your point of sale and request a refund.

You have until August 17, 2022, the date on which this recall procedure ends, to complete this process.