Iberdrola closes the session as the biggest Spanish company by capitalization


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The energy company Iberdrola has closed today’s trading session as the largest Spanish company by capitalization -something that had not happened up until now – after overcoming the group galician Inditex, who had occupied that position during the last few years.

Iberdrola has overtaken the textile giant after climbing today, up 1.4 % on the stock exchange and closed at a price of 11,24 euros per share , while Inditex has repeated quote (22,99 euros per title).

According to data from the company chaired by Ignacio Galán, the market capitalization has been located at the close today in 71.727,6 million euros, including the rights of the “a scrip dividend” (securities issued to remunerate the shareholders).

so far this year, the Iberdrola shares have appreciated to 29.97 %, while Inditex has dropped 26.9 %, according to data of Infobolsa.

last July 17, Iberdrola exceeded momentarily to Inditex by capitalization, in accordance with the data of Infobolsa, although he had never done until now at the close of a session.

According to the electrical, the Ibex 35 was the only major stock index is heading for a company focused on renewable energy.

Since Ignacio Galán was elected president in may of 2001, the capitalization of Iberdrola has multiplied by five, going from 14.475 billion to almost 72.000 million.

The company has a current assets valued at 122.369 million euros , a figure that is also five times the size of the one it had in 2001 (23.200 million).

The installed capacity of the group amounted to 52.082 megawatts, of which 32.041 megawatts are renewable.

In 2001, Iberdrola has achieved a net profit of 906 million euros, compared to 3.406 million obtained in 2019, a record figure for the company.