My first memory of the FC Bayern dates back to the season 96/97, since I was six and went to the Hand of my father through the Olympic Park towards the stadium. If you went as we from the South side of the Park to the stadium, went on the road for a while, especially for a young Munich-based "OTE", was allowed to see for the first Time in Bavaria.

Finally arrived, it drew us like a wave in the for me at the time, huge stadium, which seemed to me like an oversized pit. This is a sight I will never forget. My first game in the stadium against Bochum at the time, 1:1 ended – it was a gift: The Bavarians were now in my club! imago sport photographic service Alex Zickler at 1:1 for Bayern against Bochum happened in August 1996, Bong arts/ The former home of Bavaria: The Olympic stadium

a lot Since then. Bayern-football is now played only in the styled Allianz Arena, the club itself has retained little of its former appearance.

What is "Mia san Mia" really

Also meant when the Slogan "Mia san Mia" is sprung from the pen of a clever Marketing specialists and even hardly a Tradition, so these three words embodied, nevertheless, the deepest self-understanding of the Bayern supporters like me.

Behind the Bavarian Folklore, hidden until recently, namely more than the high German and forbidding-looking Translation: "We are". This is because, unlike many European Soccer heavyweights, managed my club over the years, despite the increasing commercialization of an active Form of the Family and the Fan to maintain proximity. Bong arts/ Let it loose tackle: Oliver Kahn during a training session in 2005

And so I ran as a thirteen-year-old from home in Harlaching a few hundred meters over to the training grounds at Säbener street. Where visual barriers between the pile and the folder frolic, walked I through the entrance of the training grounds, to see my idols up close and personal. While I fläzte comfortably in the sun, I was allowed to see Oliver Kahn, Giovane Elber and Stefan Effenberg, that was a real "Mia san Mia".

at the latest but with the trainer the time of Pep Guardiola, the last contact disappeared between people like me and the Association from the Säbener Straße. In today’s Hype around the football which is even understandable, and yet alienating.

in addition to handing out, could the club one thing: Help

If I had to listen to the envy of the "Bayern-haters" on the sporting success of my club and swung, in spite of all aversion, will always have a certain Form of recognition – at least for what the FC Bayern on and off the pitch so did everything they could to help in Distress, to Unite. imago sportfotodienst service Lothar Matthäus (2.v.l.) talks with Oliver Kahn

The FC St. Pauli, Alemannia Aachen, Hansa Rostock and Kickers Offenbach: Bayern saved many a Club on the verge of insolvency.

at the same time Bayern was for me, but also an Association of small Gestures. As the daughter of Sammy Kuffour in Ghana in the Swimming-drowning Pool, introduced him to the Association a private jet to bring him the quickest way back to his family.

Gerd Müller became ill with Alzheimer’s, built-in Bayern and live it in the club. Such things I always found impressive. Bong arts/ Bayern President Hoeness on the training ground at the Säbener Strasse in the year 2008

Probably would have done the other Bundesliga clubs in similar situations similarly, but that is not the issue at this point. For me as a Fan, it is these warm Gestures that made me the Association even in adulthood always accessible.

"Mia help", which belonged at least as to the self-understanding of the of Bavaria and of his followers, such as the often quoted "attack" of leadership.

For me this is sad to see

For the great Gestures and the sometimes bawdy words to stand and Uli Hoeness. My image of the Bayern President received after the tax scandal first scratch, his achievements and his human size as Bayern head could this admittedly violent misconduct, but do not overlap.

But since his return to the top of the club have changed the behavior pattern of the Bavaria-Patron exclusively to the Negative. Where he once showed ferocity in order to protect his club, shall be forfeited Hoeness now in arbitrary and awkward insults.

His recent Comments on the case of Özil, or now, the desert Nachtreten against Juan Bernat for me as an example for the tone that prevails now at the Säbener Straße. With this double morality to the media Hoeness shows that to him the sense of the values and the decency of his Bavaria-a family lost. For someone like me, it is sad to see. sid Bayern President Uli Hoeness accosted arbitrarily against everything and everyone

the FC Bayern was not able to be there for me for a long time, the people close and familiar Association of the earlier days, when all the football romance can hardly be avoided. A global Organisation, which has annual revenues in the three-digit million range, will change inevitably, in the appropriate scale.

in the heart of the club for to annoy me for a long time, more than in the remained – a family, to the you also 26 like to every Saturday at the table to rejoice together and to suffer. A world club with a heart and decency.

With the Comments made by the Bayern bosses last Friday has changed for me again a lot. Sporty, I’m going to support my Bavaria, but quite different than before, more sober, no longer so convinced.

Because of the feeling, which manifested itself once in the "Mia san Mia" is to become "Mia san nix", servus Bayern.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Paul Breitner out against Hoeness and Rummenigge