as An experienced hunter in the Us state of Arkansas, which is, by the end of Tuesday was found abandoned in the woods. The man had several stab wounds. Not too long after, he died.

The 66-year-old man from Kastil thought he was a deer had been shot and killed. He was going along with his cousin, and to bring them home, but as soon as the animal is approached, it turned out not to be dead. The man was his cousin, and found with several stab wounds of the antlers from the deer. He was still alert and was able to have a woman to call, but by the time the emergency services are on-the-spot came up, the man stopped breathing. The police are not sure whether or not the wounds, the death of one of the men had created. Would it be possible to also have a heart-attack may have been.

According to the regional Game and Fish Commission, and such incidents with injured animals and provided for. Hunters think that a deer is dead when it is merely wounded. Usually they jump right up and walk away. It was the first time in the area in which a big-game hunter, dies, after injured deer to approach. There will be hunters for the recommended 15 to 30 minutes prior to the deer to walk by.

The wounded deer is not recovered.