In Budapest have gathered once again several thousand people to demonstrate against the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Observers and participants of the largest event since the beginning of the protests in mid-December.

The displeasure of the protesters is directed especially against an also in December, the government majority passed a law Amending the labour law. The by his opponents as a “slave law” was working overtime law gives employers the right of your employees, up to 400 hours of Overtime in the year. In addition, the protesters of government corruption and the restriction of freedom rights.

The demonstrations have joined the camp across the supporters of opposition parties, trade unions and civil organisations. The unions want to be handed over to Prime Minister Orbán, in the course of the day, a list with four requirements to be a worthy addition to one end of the “slave-law”, a change of the right to strike, wages, and a “retirement from life”. Orbán did respond in five days time, otherwise, there is country-wide strikes and roadblocks. If nothing change, will paralyzed the country, threatened the trade unionists.