Ultra-conservative family policy – Hungary restricts the rights of Trans and intersex massive word of Czech law, the national Parliament has adopted a law, according to people’s registered gender cannot change – not even after a sex change.41 Kommentare41In Hungary, the rights of Trans and intersex should be drastically reduced. Participants in a Parade for tolerance and show the LGBTQ flag, the Symbol for lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and Transgender. (Archive photo)photo: Manu Fernandez/Keystone

Hungary’s Parliament decided on Tuesday with the votes of the national government majority, a law that restricts the rights of Trans-people and intersex people drastically.

Thus, in the civil register must not change the biological sex of a person that was registered after his birth, and later. In particular, this excludes that a Person who has undergone a sex change, is recognized under their new gender and their documents in this sense can change.

human rights organisations have condemned the new regime. So David Vig, Amnesty International Hungary, said: “This legislation (…) consists of Trans-people and intersex people further discrimination.” It is said to reinforce an “intolerant and hostile environment” for these people, and throw Hungary back to the middle ages.

The human rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatović, stated that the law contradicts the case law of the European court of human rights (ECtHR). You called it a blow to the human dignity of Trans people.

Ultra-conservative family policy,

since The 2010 ruling, Prime Minister Viktor Orban sees himself in the criticism faced to violate human and civil rights in his country. In addition, he propagates an ultra-conservative family policies, excluding people with one of the supposed non-standard sexuality.

Orban also leads to an ideological crusade against the “Gender theory”, that is, against the scientific opinion that the sex of a person is determined not only biologically, but also of social and cultural influences, depends. So it says universities in Hungary, teaching courses in this subject offer.

(SDA / oli/chk)

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