Hungary is playing with democracy – An evil posse Viktor Orban makes fun of the criticism of his understanding of democracy. Opinion Peter Münch0 comment from Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has ruled with an abundance of power, which is controlled by the Parliament any more.Photo: Bernadett Szabo (Reuters)

On 20. June is supposed to be in Hungary, the haunting past: The Coronavirus, there will be then, but the Corona state of emergency ends and thus the time in which Prime Minister Viktor Orban to be country by decree can rule. Joyfully Orban justifies this with the reaching of his success in controlling the disease. Smirking, he refers to the critics who had accused him of overlooking, the emergency laws, an overhaul of democracy. Orban was at the end of March by the Parliament with comprehensive powers, to equip, to be able to the Corona-pandemic fight. The step was international and the domestic Opposition has been violently criticized, because the underlying law does not provide for a time limit.

Orban has shown how he can go far, if he wants to.

Viktor Orban as a persecuted innocence? Hungary as a pure democracy? This is the image that wants to spread the Budapest government. But in reality, it is an evil Posse in the shadow of the pandemic. Orban can switch without special powers, with its two-thirds majority in Parliament’s discretion, and exercise. With the emergency laws, which were adopted without a time limit, he has shown the Opposition in the country and the partners in the EU, he can go far, if he wants to. It was a show of force that stopped it abundance now in all its power.

Orban has been Debunked but that’s not his critics, but himself. Because with democracy you don’t play. He has, however, made the rule of law and separation of powers once again available to the mass.

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